PHILIPPIANS 4 is an instruction manual right thinking. We are going to do this week’s article a little differently. Below is one of the poems from my book of poetry. It is basically a spiritual warfare poem instructing people of the church on three basic principles to win against fighting Satan’s forces.

FIRST : Find the three capitalized principles

  1. ________________________
  2. ________________________
  3. ________________________

Who is the One who swings the gavel?

The next two stanzas go together. The One who swings the gavel also causes the death of the warrior.

What happens when His warriors wield the weapon of His blood?

How are we as His warriors able to LOVE each other?

What ultimately happens to The Warrior?

Now, what are we supposed to do?

Who is Soul Cracker?

What annihilates Soul Crac.ker and his powers?



“In the stillness

In the quiet

In the darkness

Is a riot

Ride and ride

And never travel

For the One who swings

The gavel

Swings the sword

Cuts the knife

Flows the river

Flows the life

Red the blood

A crimson color

Wield the Weapon

LOVE each other

Around the bend

On the horizon

See the hill

the Warrior dies on

Take your weapon

Pick it up

Your brother’s dying

Don’t give up

Alone, alone

you cannot battle

There’s the fortress

Here’s you mantle

In the hiding place

Take cover

A secret weapon

To discover

Round and round

Dark storm clouds gather

Screaming laughter

Comes Soul Cracker

Arm and arm

We’ll stand together

On the walls and on the towers

UNITY defeats the powers

In the middle

In the center

Stirs the one


Reaching high into the sky

Reaching to the under regions

Blinding light shoots from His heart

Darkness, darkness scream the legions

Down and down

The age old Hater

Softly sing the song

PEACE is the annihilator”

jks @ 1997

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