God has intervened and saved my life so many times that it’s hard to keep track.  The first time that God did a miracle in my life I was only a toddler. I know I wasn’t in school yet I think maybe I was three. My mother and my aunt, Annna Ree, told the story many times.

My mother took my temperature late in the evening. I had been terribly sick. She says that the thermometer went off the end. My aunt said it went to 108. Nevertheless, it meant a very fast trip to St. John’s Hospital ER. The next day many doctors were called in to see what was wrong with me. Soon doctors from all over the United States had come to St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. . A day or so later they thought it was leukemia. But they were not sure. One thing they were pretty sure of was that I was not going to make it.

My mother was a very emotional person. On hearing that news she ran out of the hospital onto the sidewalk in front of it. There’something caught her eye. There was a dog in the car across the street by the crosswalk. She knew that the dog would die in the heat if she didn’t do something. It drew her attention away from the terrible situation in the hospital. So she went toward the car with the dog in it. When she got on the sidewalk near the car she looked up coming down the sidewalk or people she knew from church. Now this was the 50s and people did not march in the streets in the 50s. But this is most certainly the prayer group from her church coming  toward her. When they got there they formed a circle around her and begin to pray for me. Each one praying as they were led.

Then my mother went back to my room in the hospital. The next day or so the doctors declared that something drastic had happened. I was completely clear of whatever it was that was making me sick. I was sitting up in bed laughing and playing with my toys. Everyone was completely amazed but my mother and father and my aunt and others in the room knew what had happened. God had performed a miracle. My mother always said I was the branch pulled from the fire. It’s a reference to Zachariah 3:2

“Aposle The suffering of Apostle Paul

Now I am certainly no apostle Paul! If you read the previous blog you’ll see what I’m referring to. The apostle Paul went through many, many severe persecution’s and physical punishment that would have killed anyone else. At one point he was actually left for dead on the road. And most certainly anyone else would have been dead. But God had plans for the apostle Paul. And God had plans for me, and for you!And God has planned for you. No one can know when it’s your time to go be with Jesus in heaven. Know One can know why we have to suffer. The same God that performs these miracles for the apostle Paul and for me can perform them for you. Right now Jesus is working with the nameless lady on keeping her alive it makes tears come into my eyes. YES!!! She lives! She does not know we pray for her.

Over and over and over the Scriptures speak of our God of miracles. Yes, Jesus healed many, many people. But he did not heal all of them. He did not come to heal everybody. He healed people for His will and His purposes and His plans.

We do not know what his will and his purposes and his plans are. We have to trust Him.  Trust Him that He will do not only what is best for us but what is according to his plan. And not only for his plan for us. But his plan for the world. Jesus came to save the people of this world.  John 3:16.  He died a terrible, gruesome death of crucifiction on a cross to take all the horrible the thoughts, words and actions people have done since the beginning time. Why in heaven’s name would He do such a thing?

LOVE !!!

“ God so LOVED the world (people) that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

HE LOVE US SO MUCH? I do not know. It is LOVE’S mystery. All we have to do is grab on to God and believe what he says, take him at his word and love him back.

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Stay tuned to the Holy Spirit.


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