Prayer, Warfare, Intimacy, Maturity, and Really Knowing God

Leaving the Air Force was not hard. Twenty years was enough, especially if Chris was not going to be able to preach. They wanted to make an inspector out of him. I said, “I didn’t marry an inspector. He agreed. So off we went to Slaton, Texas to a small church full of farmers.

New doors were opening. . .

insides were rung out from spiritual warfare, inner growth, and entering something called “the Dark Night of the Soul.” I know. I had no clue what that was either. We had a fantastic evangelistic crusade in San Angelo, where we left our home church during our last years in the Air Force. Those things don’t just happen. It started with our prayer groups which quickly developed into prayer teams and then a few prayer warriors. Satan did not want this to happen. We had all kinds of opposition, accidents, illnesses, etc. At one point the Lord directed me to drive around the city and pray over it. I did. The first night of the crusade a monster storm was headed in the direct path of the crusade. I was just arriving at the house after praying for the city. Many of the denominations of our city were participating. They had never had a city wide evangelistic crusade. I told them to get everyone there on their knees and pray, pray, pray for God to disperse that storm. God did an amazing thing! The storm split right in two. I was watching the weather closely in our den. The two sides of the storm went around the stadium, never touching or destroying anything. The local weatherman was reporting he had never seen anything like it. Now our people were pumped. We were ready for God to move. He did. We had many, many conversions that night.

However, on the way to Slaton I felt emptiness and darkness I had never felt before. The Holy Spirit has been faithful in my life to lead me to books, preachers, Scriptures and whatever I need to get me back on track. He didn’t fail me this time. One of my mother’s favorite books was Hurdnard’s book “Hinds Feet in High Places.”

She says “We feel we would give anything if only we could, in actual experience, live on the High Places of love and victory here on this earth and during this life—able always to react to evil, tribulation, desorrow, pain, and every wrong thing in such a way that they would be overcome and transformed into something to the praise and glory of God forever.” The book is an allegory of the victorious life. “Hinds’ Feet on High Places is Hannah Hurnard’s best-known and best-loved book, a beautiful allegory dramatizing the yearning of God’s children to be led to new heights of love, joy, and victory with her companion, Much-Afraid on her spiritual journey through difficult places and her two companions.”(Amazon) Hannah was very disfigured. Her mouth turned down in an eye gay way. Her legs were twisted so she stumbled when she walked.

Hannah’s book helped cause me to want to know God. Really know Him. Not just about Him. I knew Greek, Hebrew, and systematic theology. I did not know God. Yes, I was a Christian. I loved God. But I did not know how to know Him intimately. But I knew He would lead me. He did. I urge you to get this book. It’s a shortcut to knowing God.

My other BLOG site, has the course on spiritual maturity I taught a few years ago. I developed this course for a group of about forty adults. It could help you in your journey. It also has an extensive booklist. The Holy Spirit might just show the one you need.

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Stay tuned to the Holy Spirit.


One thought on “INNER ROOMs

  1. Thank you for this powerful testimony! What an incredible and inspiring journey you have been on! Most of us will never experience the things you have. Thank you for sharing with us. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us! Love and Blessings always!


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