Twenty one years and no disasters.  That’s so great! And then. . . Well, you know what happens, you know what happens. It happens specifically to you and no one else. Something hits you or your family or your friends but mostly it hits you!  A fatal illness, you get fired, your house burns down, you know disaster!  Something that rips you and your family apart.  It could even sin. It ruins the family. You can’t tell anyone the disaster coming, because you don’t know yourself that it’s coming and you don’t know yourself when it’s coming. I keep emphasizing the unpredictability of disaster because that‘s part of the shock it’s part of the disaster it‘s part of your living through it and getting over it. Yes you can get over it. My first big disaster came after 23 years of nearly perfect existence. I have to explain that because you have to know my parents. Everyone loved my parents. They were the sweetest people that ever walked this earth. My mother was in a Sunday television broadcast, sort of like Jeopardy only on the Bible. Well, after nearly a nine weeks, all the way through the summer. . . The television station asked her to please stop being on the program. There was nothing wrong in fact everything right. My mother could answer every question and she did every Sunday afternoon on the television program. Judy would answer every question. Well it didn’t… it wasn’t …well just wasn’t fair.  On top of all that they gave and lived what they believed every moment of every day of every year.

Please also understand that they were fun-loving too! Every weekend beginning in the spring nd on into autumn, we would go to the lake. My grandmother had built a pink cabin. Yes, I said pink. It glowed it’s pink splendor up on the hill in a a nice summer paint. We would go up there every weekend but on Saturday night, late the Dunbar’s would head back to town so we can go to church. Often we’d wait until very early Sunday morning. It seemed like it took half a day to get from Muskogee to Tulsa. It only took an hour and a half. But to a child it seemed like half a day. It was an Idilic childhood. Of course there were the natural incidents that happen to a child. But nothing to mention.

Disaster on the horizon. . .

My husband, Chris, joined the Air Force. I was 19 he was 21. We went off on our magnificent journey of the world in January 1966.  We were married on the 19th of November 1965. more about that We started out as a team. I was assisting him at that very young age of 17 as a youth director. What was done in those days. I hope it’s not done in these days. Any case, I told him I wasn’t going to get serious that I just wanted to assist him for a little while and his youth work at the Methodist Church. So that begin our ecumenical outlook on life.

What! no disaster! Oh yes there were disasters. Before we went into the Air Force disaster struck!!! It took the form of heart failure. Only 27 years old and I come down with heart failure.

I’m assisting my husband with his in his work getting his Masters degree. Editing these pages is funny but serious work he writes a paragraph and put a period at the end of it so I have to turn it back into a paragraph with proper periods in the proper places. I get to keep up with his theological work just by editing and by making the bibliography and such things as those. I enjoy it enormously and since I have three toddlers at home to take care of it’s not the time to think about going to work or going back to work I should say.

We did go to the cardiologist that Dr. Sugg recommended. Dr. White was very young but Terry renound . And after all the tests, we went into his office and sat down. He explained heart failure. He explained the condition of my heart. And then asked us if we understood. I thought we did and I said “yes.” And then I asked him. We’re planning to go to Houston for a vacation with my father and my stepmother so can I can I go. Dr. White looked at me and said why of course you can go you probably won’t come back. Well, that really hit home.

I was admitted to the hospital immediately with the prospect of even more tests. I am feeling like my body really was in heart failure. But I was enormously happy I can’t explain it. Terribly happy. I told my husband that the angels were coming he should perk up. You should cheer up. We were on totally different planes. I was confident,sure I don’t know how to explain it but the angels were coming for me. And that was a happy occasion at least for me now here’s the thing here’s the thing he was reading a book on preparing for disaster. I just looked at him and said you need to do what that book says. he will gave me a look like I was the cruelest woman on the planet. But he did what I said. We both turned o God.

We also had a very large number of people praying for us praying for me, especially. I’venever understood that until now. I begin to see what God was doing is doing in my life. We’ll be discussing this “prayer thing” more in the next blogs. Coming soon. . .


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