Why is it that we think God owes us health and a trouble-free life and an amount of success. This actually comes from our culture. We are told this in advertising in the morning church services on TV and many other places in our Christian culture. I think I can tell you honestly that if I lived my life this way I would not be alive today. I am 71 years old you know.

I am home from over nearly 4 months in the hospital. This included 13 days in ICU, extremely dangerous surgery for a fistula (my BM was coming out through my bladder. Yes, I know that’s really gross . Just before surgery the pulmonologist could not get me to breathe. She tried three times and then declared I had 5 minutes before she calling CODE BLUE. At just (in October) the right moment she shoved the respirator down my my throat and saved my life. Thank God I was not conscious. 11 more days in the hospital and then 41 days in ReHab. My incredible son was there when the respirator was taken out and put back in a couple of times. My husband was exhausted. Then on the second time in ICU my girlfriend since we were 4yrs old came to stay with me. I believe that prayer made the difference. I believe this because my doctor has another patient who has because she had been 40 days in hospital… he said she wouldn’t make i I begin asking people to pray for. The doctor could not tell us her name. This caused me to pray for her and also to ask other people to pray for her. The same Jesus can save her. I am sorry I could not post earlier.I was just too sick.  Yesterday I went to my internal medicine doctor.  Praise God!  The lady is still alive! Prayer does make a difference even if people do not know you were praying for them.

There was another incident during my trials. On the last day that I was in rehab. Remember that was 41 days. I was having lunch with three ladies that we had become friends with. The two of them were strong questions. But we never made any issue of that. On the last day we were having lunch with them we begin promising to pray for each other. There was one lady that was not interested in this at all. We all had terrible difficulties of one kind or another. As we begin to promise praying for each other the third lady immediately reached out her hand and her whole being seen alive and full of light and she said “please pray for me.” We all knew in that moment that she had excepted God, Jesus into her life. I know that could have been the whole reason that I spent 41 days in that institution. It was not a particularly pleasant stay either. When we got back to my room my husband and I were filled with joy. We both knew that God had done a wonderful thing that day I have been praying for the other two ladies to keep helping the third lady to grow in the Lord. This is what I mean by focus

Staying focused on what God is doing with you and in you and because you’re there in a particular place. Because God does want to use. If I am constantly focused on why God isn’t healing me or why I’m not successful or all of the other whys, I will most definitely be miserable. But, if I am focused on what God is doing even if I can’t see it even if my circumstances are really awful and worse than the person that I’m praying for or concerned about, then my whole attitude changes

Incredibly, the apostle Paul explains just the starch in his endurance of awesome trials physical punishment persecution and illness

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