Some of you know my saga since being in CCU New Years weekend. My family now tells me they thought I was dying. My Sodium level was 126, which means my brain was really in trouble. I became a complete invalid in the weeks that followed. my muscles completely collapsed in the hospital twice (4 hospitalizations). They gave me 1Kmg Prednizone to pump them back up. Lost the ability to walk but got a scooter I named Dalek. OK! WHO knows what that name means?

UPDATE:  Learning to walk again has been a real challenge.  The whole thing has been an enormous challenge.  Not being able to go to church was very painful..  Last week in Sunday School we were on Psalm 84. I certainly identified with that writer.  There were so many humiliating things in this process.  But sooo many blessings!  Our church here in Lake Jackson is fairly new to us.  We don’t know the people that well.  That didn’t stop them from pouring out their love, thoughtfulness, kindness and, yes food (we are Baptists after all).

I have now walked 150ft using my walker. I can go out to eat with my family. My PT is amazed at my progress. Aaaan… wait for it. . .
We are planning a car trip in October.
God is good

Hoping to make regular or, if possible, daily blogs.

In Jesus LOVE


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